Lessons From My Father (Lições de Meu Pai)

My father Mario

Written on November 9, 2009. Became relevant in my heart once again this morning.

“This morning I went with my father to buy coffee. He looked at me with unusual excitement of something that he was waiting impatiently to tell me. He started, in a way that only he can do, cursing Brazilian congressmen for their notorious corruptive ways. On the early morning TV News show, he watch religiously, the main headline was about two high Brazilian senators were stealing public money by hiding it in socks while going through airports. He mentioned the pain of impunity and his life of guilty free mind by never haven stolen even a pencil.

I was directly connected into todays corporate and business practices where there is some type of moral and ethics crisis reigning individuality and financial progress. Here is an adaptation of Brazilian singer Ana Carolina poem named “Só de Sacanagem” (Only to Mess With Them) into my personal outlook to it.

My heart is jumping!

How many times will my hope be shaken in a tireless search for truth?

Everything that it is out there,

Markets, Wall Street and meeting rooms,

Gritty games and unstoppable wealth accumulation.

– I just can’t take it anymore.

Our planet perishes.

I choose not to see it while sipping another extra caramel machiatto.

– Extra trash please.

Our species suffers.

I stop at a “Thanksgiving” sale.

– Thanks.

I understand that challenging times

are a good way to shaper ourselves,

But it hurts to realize that the comfort of some,

under our current methods of development,

means the destruction of life elsewhere.

My heart is covered with darkness,

but the light is simple.

It comes from the repeated advices from my father and my mother

and the good ones that preceded them:

– “Don’t Steal”

– “Return the pencil of your little friend.”

– “This book is not yours, my son.”

Well, since there are poeple out there messing with me

and the old faith of my suffered people,

I am going to mess back:

Even more honest I will become.

Only because I can!

Some will say:

– Don’t be a fool, this has been, since beginning the rule of the game.

I will say:

I don’t mind, this will be my carnival, my high.

I will trust once and again.

My brother, my son, my friends and I.

We will play clean.

We will play fair.

We will pay who we own and collect clean from our customers.

With time we will be able to be free, ethical and etc.

They will say:

– “It’s useless. Around here everyone is, has been and will always be an asshole.”

I will say:

– I am not allowing it. My hope is immortal. Do you hear me? Immortal.

I know we cannot change the begin but, if we want,

We can change the end.

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