Open Your Cuca to Life and its Magic

When I first looked into her eyes, I knew I had no other option. The sweet eyes in the strong body often associated with violence, held Tiffany and I hostage. We sat in front of her gate, in the humane society rescue center, for an hour looking at her. We left with her. She has being pure bless and a lot of fun. Her personality is a mix of a thoughtful philosopher and goofy teen spirit. That’s how she got her name Cuca. Cuca is the name of a famous Brazilian children’s literature character who is a charming alligator that lives in the bamboo forest making magic portions and tricks to people that approaches the woods. In modern portuguese, Cuca means mind. A “boa cuca” is a connected smart mind. A “Cuca fresca” is a relaxed mind. And it goes.

Cuca hates raining days. Yesterday was rainy. She had problems to pee and ended up peeing in the bed in the morning. I only realized it later in the evening when I was getting ready for bed. On an attack of madness I screened while I walked towards her while she curled her body against the wall in an instinctive defense reaction. I was suddenly stopped by a feeling of peace and reasoning that hold my body for some minutes like if an invisible force field blocked me from reaching her while angry. I stood still in the middle of the room while calmed down and thought about my absence on her life lately and our friendship. I felt remorse for some of my actions and lack of time for her training. I walk to the other side of the room, sat at the red bench and started crying with my eyes closed. Cuca walkedtowards me, laid down under my legs and touched my left ankle with both of her front paws. I felt it, stopped crying and looked down. I remembered my recent Reiki healing class and I felt her energy. I said out loud: “I know baby, everything will be ok”. We stayed there for a few minutes and I laid down on the floor by the bed. She walker around my entire body rubbing her coat against mine and approached me with the “red ring” Toy and we played with it on the floor like we used to do every night when I first got her. I felt that strong bond once again. I remembered thinking in the past why she didn’t like that toy since she never destroyed it like she does to all the toys in record time. It is her sacred ring. It seals friendship, love and the connection between two creatures.

This morning I spot this photo of her and I wrote this blog note to document the magic and majesty of this moment.

Cuca is pure Magic

I learned with the animals

To rest under large trees in hot summer days

To announce the rain before the thunder

To live in group just like ants.

I learned with the animals

Not be afraid to gain respect

To howl in the dark of the night to bring clarity

To build a nest to have a place to call home.

I learned with the animals

To mark the territory that is mine by right

To know that the earth is a community

To be simple and defection free.

I learned with the animals

To be natural so you are wholesome

That the key to the matter is my heart

To make the calculated and righteous approach.

I learned with the animals

That we are the ones that makes our place perfect

That reason not always has a reason

that is better to be instinctive and truthful

than being a heartless scientist or pragmatic philosopher.

(Adaptation from original poem Rangel Castilho)

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