I . Ike . the world is what you think it is . (o mundo é o que pensamos) .

When I was 14 I first read this poem by Fernando Pessoa. It spoke deep inside of me. I adopt it as my life philosophy. Learning the principles of Huna, I am able to be a kid again. I feel once again what I felt then. And I start to build new my brand new world.

“Eu tenho uma espécie de dever, de dever de sonhar, de sonhar sempre, pois sendo mais do que um espectador de mim mesmo, Eu tenho que ter o melhor espetáculo que posso. E assim me construo a ouro e sedas, em salas supostas, invento palco, cenário para viver o meu sonho entre luzes brandas e músicas invisíveis.”

“I have some kind of duty, a duty of dream, always dream. If I ought be more than just an expectator of myself, I want to have the best spectacle possible. And that’s how I build myself in gold and silk, in supposed rooms, I invent the stage, a set, to live my dream between soft lights and invisible songs.”

My father silenced to admire “the island” while we landed!

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