My Avatar Feet (Meus Pés de Avatar)

At the Pounds in Kapoho.

Everyday in Hawaii,
My feet grows stronger.
My heart grows warmer.
In contact with the earth
Pele sculpts my feet over the lava
Long lean feet
Feet that one day I doubt
Feet that every day I count
Today I bless my beautiful brown feet
I bless life and I bless the fire
The fire that comes from the heart of the earth
Warm, red, and powerful
Fire of my heart
Each line on bottom of feet
Is a new possibility, a new path

Each line, is a connector,
Coordinates in a map,
Power lines Connecting my body to the spirit

My soul that flows from the earth
And fills my dream of life

Constructing my existence

from where I begin in the soil

Passing though my round body

Escaping in the crown of my head.

That’s were I end.
But thats also where new dreams begin
If my mind helps me to dream
It is my strong feet that gives me the balance
To energize the spirit
And create the reality that I want to live
Today, I bless my nature,
I bless mother nature.

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