Love is Freedom (Amor é Liberdade)

My favorite John Lennon song is Love. In it he uses very simple words to define love and in one of them he says that “love is free”. Defining the word love is a very complex job. You can personally see that struggle in how Wikipedia tries to be fair to the word and ends up making it a big salad of meanings. I was once in love with somebody and I realized that the person no longer held their eyes open when we were making love. I knew the other person loved me, but not the way I loved. I wanted to be everyday, partnership, in health and sickness type of love. The other part wanted it to be loving friendship and physical pleasure. At the time, it bothered me to observe it. Later on, I decided to withdraw myself from it to protect my own sanity. This morning i had an interesting insight while napping in the bus some minutes ago. I dreamt making love to him again. But this time, I said: “Open your eyes. Don’t be afraid of reading love in my eyes. Love is not slavery. Love is freedom. Let’s let it set us free and grow beyond this physical moment to where time and space cannot constrain it.”

The photo below was taken yesterday with my sweet pitbull Cuca. Interesting how yesterday’s moment preceded my dream this morning.


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