Love and Boxes of Chocolates… (Amor e Caixas de Bombom)

Not really sure why, but I have planned not to celebrate or think about Valentines day today. But through out the day, the images and words my eyes were bombarded with got me thinking about it. The little girl Lila that leaves next door was carrying a heart shaped ballon  was the first image of it this morning. Only in the afternoon I learn my word of the day, cordate, which means heart shaped which made me think of Lila’s baloon. But it was just later, when biking back from the gym, I saw a quote of John Lennon about love. I started thinking about valentines day again and the definition of love. But the sun was feeling good in my skin with the wind and decided to drop the mental work for that moment just enjoy the feeling of it, without much philosophy. As I finish my work and get ready for dinner, my closing thought for the evening  is that beyond candle light dinners, teddy bears and boxes of chocolate what really matter is the dream of love, the pursuit of it. Whatever variation or definition we give to love, the existance of this instinct, almost as strong as the survival one, is capable of launching us on the most amazing adventures and experiences. Forrest Gump once said: “I’m not a smart man… but I know what love is.”  Since Mr. Gump was very happy with everyone around him, he probably knew what I have learned recently in my study of aloha: “To Love is to Be Happy With”.

Quote by John Lennon

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