The Time of our lives (O Tempo de Nossas Vidas)

Last year, I won a photograph competition sponsored by the web site partnersagainstpain that I used during the research for my mother’s treatment. The photograph I submitted is of my ioga teacher and friend Jared meditating in Kehena Beach. Part of the prize was a lunch with actress Jennifer Grey which happened last Friday. Jennifer and I had a lovely time and we shared in common our passion for dancing and very similar outlook on spirituality and healing. I told Jennifer and Shirley part of my story in Brazil, my relationship with my mother and her sickness and my journey across the American continents. After the lunch, I spent the afternoon meditating on the event and the certainty that there are no coincidences. There is alignment, connection, and meaning. This prize is such a gift after the long journey over the last two years helping my mother to find healing and peace. But it was only when we started the adventure within that we went the farthest. With the new found inner peach, hope became a reality and healing became a possibility.

Beautiful Shirley and Sweetheart Jennifer Grey

The flower I bought Jennifer and Mom's photo receiving treatment in Hawaii

The winner photo and essay. Namaste!


I just read the quote below from the Internet. It reminded me of a Stewart Blackburn’s talk. When you blame someone for something that happen to you, you put in their hands the power to decide your own happiness.

“All blame is a waste of time. No matter
how much fault you find with another,
and regardless of how much you
blame him, it will not change you”
– Wayne Dyer




Eu acabei de ler o pensamento abaixo na Internet. Uma conversa com Stewart Blackburn veio na minha mente naquele instante. Quando culpamos outros for algo que acontece conosco, nós colocamos nas mão deles o poder de decidir a nossa felicidade.

“Toda culpa é uma perda de tempo. Não importa quantos defeitos você acha no outro, e independente do quanto você o culpa, nada mudará para você” (Wayne Dyer) 



Otherness (Qualidade de Ser Differente)

From Stewart’s tonight I heard the word “Otherness”. I felt in love with the word. I thought it meant something about feeling like the other. Them, the dictionary defined it as “the quality or fact of being different”. Them I concluded that I was not that far since what is the other? Different. I wrote this short poem a few minutes ago.

I am this one and I am the other.
I am the one and I am this other.
I am this other and I am the one.
I am this and I am the other one.
I am. And I am this other, the one.

Who is in charge of your happiness?

Mr. Stewart was discussing happiness yesterday. He asked us to write the top 10 things that makes us unhappy. Them, asked us to write who is responsible for it and what to do about it. The conclusion is that every time we blame someone else for what happens to us, we give them the responsibility for our own happiness. Letting go of expectations and focusing on our pleasure is key for our happiness.

'Man is troubled not by events,
but by the meaning he gives to them'


Goblin and I at Kristy's car, few weeks ago, fighting for our own happiness!


I . Ike . the world is what you think it is . (o mundo é o que pensamos) .

When I was 14 I first read this poem by Fernando Pessoa. It spoke deep inside of me. I adopt it as my life philosophy. Learning the principles of Huna, I am able to be a kid again. I feel once again what I felt then. And I start to build new my brand new world.

“Eu tenho uma espécie de dever, de dever de sonhar, de sonhar sempre, pois sendo mais do que um espectador de mim mesmo, Eu tenho que ter o melhor espetáculo que posso. E assim me construo a ouro e sedas, em salas supostas, invento palco, cenário para viver o meu sonho entre luzes brandas e músicas invisíveis.”

“I have some kind of duty, a duty of dream, always dream. If I ought be more than just an expectator of myself, I want to have the best spectacle possible. And that’s how I build myself in gold and silk, in supposed rooms, I invent the stage, a set, to live my dream between soft lights and invisible songs.”

My father silenced to admire “the island” while we landed!