The Keeper of Flock (O Guardador de Rebanhos)

I am a keeper of flock

The flock is my thoughts

And all of my thoughts are sensations.

I think with the eyes and with the ears

And with the hands and with the feet

And with the nose and with the mouth.


To think of a flower is to see and to smell it.

And to eat a fruit and to understand its meaning.


Therefore, in a warm day

I feel sad for enjoying it (the fruit) so much,

And I lay down stretched out in the grass,

And I close my warm eyes,

And I feel my whole body laying down in reality,

I know the truth and I am happy.


 IX. Sou um guardador de rebanhos


Sou um guardador de rebanhos.

O rebanho é os meus pensamentos

E os meus pensamentos são todos sensações.

Penso com os olhos e com os ouvidos

E com as mãos e os pés

E com o nariz e a boca.


Pensar numa flor é vê-la e cheirá-la

E comer um fruto é saber-lhe o sentido.


Por isso quando num dia de calor

Me sinto triste de gozá-lo tanto,

E me deito ao comprido na erva,

E fecho os olhos quentes,

Sinto todo o meu corpo deitado na realidade,

Sei da verdade e sou feliz.


– Fernando Pessoa


Love and Boxes of Chocolates… (Amor e Caixas de Bombom)

Not really sure why, but I have planned not to celebrate or think about Valentines day today. But through out the day, the images and words my eyes were bombarded with got me thinking about it. The little girl Lila that leaves next door was carrying a heart shaped ballon  was the first image of it this morning. Only in the afternoon I learn my word of the day, cordate, which means heart shaped which made me think of Lila’s baloon. But it was just later, when biking back from the gym, I saw a quote of John Lennon about love. I started thinking about valentines day again and the definition of love. But the sun was feeling good in my skin with the wind and decided to drop the mental work for that moment just enjoy the feeling of it, without much philosophy. As I finish my work and get ready for dinner, my closing thought for the evening  is that beyond candle light dinners, teddy bears and boxes of chocolate what really matter is the dream of love, the pursuit of it. Whatever variation or definition we give to love, the existance of this instinct, almost as strong as the survival one, is capable of launching us on the most amazing adventures and experiences. Forrest Gump once said: “I’m not a smart man… but I know what love is.”  Since Mr. Gump was very happy with everyone around him, he probably knew what I have learned recently in my study of aloha: “To Love is to Be Happy With”.

Quote by John Lennon

Fear and suffering (Medo e sofrimento)

I just watched Star Wars Episode I in 3D here in Hilo. I love Yoda’s quote on suffering.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”


Secrets (Segredos)

In the search for love, the beautiful song by Frejat with amazing animation story that makes me think of contentment and perseverance.

“I look for a love

that I still have not found

a love that is different for all the others I already had….

In his eyes I want to discover

reasons for smile

and ways to forget the wounds of life…

Maybe I will meet him in the cinema,

In a corner or at a bar’s table….

I look for a love that is good to me.

I will look until the end.

And I will treat him well

so he does not become afraid

when he starts to learn my secrets…”


The Time of our lives (O Tempo de Nossas Vidas)

Last year, I won a photograph competition sponsored by the web site partnersagainstpain that I used during the research for my mother’s treatment. The photograph I submitted is of my ioga teacher and friend Jared meditating in Kehena Beach. Part of the prize was a lunch with actress Jennifer Grey which happened last Friday. Jennifer and I had a lovely time and we shared in common our passion for dancing and very similar outlook on spirituality and healing. I told Jennifer and Shirley part of my story in Brazil, my relationship with my mother and her sickness and my journey across the American continents. After the lunch, I spent the afternoon meditating on the event and the certainty that there are no coincidences. There is alignment, connection, and meaning. This prize is such a gift after the long journey over the last two years helping my mother to find healing and peace. But it was only when we started the adventure within that we went the farthest. With the new found inner peach, hope became a reality and healing became a possibility.

Beautiful Shirley and Sweetheart Jennifer Grey

The flower I bought Jennifer and Mom's photo receiving treatment in Hawaii

The winner photo and essay. Namaste!

Happy New Years … Feliz Anos Novos

The New Year Is here! Together, we gathered to celebrate my father’s 88 birthday. But this year it had a special taste. Repeating the tradition he started when we were all children several years ago, we gathered in a churrascaria for a Brazilian banquet on January first, the day of his actual birthday. It was because of that fact that my grandmother gave my father an unique last name: Nascimento (birth). Along with the celebration of my mother new birth of her relationship with her health condition gained in Hawaii, we all celebrate the birth of a new moment in our family, based on love, acceptance and sharing. Let the new year bring us lots of new births with the birth of every day, every full moon, every smile.




Life As a Gift (vida como um presente)

When we arrived back in Brazil last week, the biggest challenge was that my mother would keep the aloha spirit and the treatment progressing well. She has done great so far. Beside the beautiful rain, our garden here in brazil is lush and full of fruits, mangos and grapes. A gift to keep our hawaiian experience alive. This morning, mom showed me that one of the orchids seed we bought in Hawaii just got its first leaf, beautiful and green. Let our people flourish and bloom with nature!





I just read the quote below from the Internet. It reminded me of a Stewart Blackburn’s talk. When you blame someone for something that happen to you, you put in their hands the power to decide your own happiness.

“All blame is a waste of time. No matter
how much fault you find with another,
and regardless of how much you
blame him, it will not change you”
– Wayne Dyer




Eu acabei de ler o pensamento abaixo na Internet. Uma conversa com Stewart Blackburn veio na minha mente naquele instante. Quando culpamos outros for algo que acontece conosco, nós colocamos nas mão deles o poder de decidir a nossa felicidade.

“Toda culpa é uma perda de tempo. Não importa quantos defeitos você acha no outro, e independente do quanto você o culpa, nada mudará para você” (Wayne Dyer) 



Hope (Esperança)

Back home, when a green cricket appears inside a house, people says that it is a sign of hope. As I face a big moment in my career with my focus shifting to relations, nature and spirituality, encountering a green cricket at my work desk this morning was very special. My green friend came on a great time and shared instant hope and put a smile on my face! Mahalo my little friend!

Seven Principles to Longevity (Sete Princípios para Longevidade)

I asked my father today while we had a cup of coffee, what was the secret to 90 years of health and well being. His answer was something like this:

1. Sleep well every night. Give your body the rest it asks.

2. Get out of bed early and enjoy the sun light.

3. Eat well, healthy and at the right time.

4. Be active and exercise everyday.

5. Worry about the basic needs for you and your loved ones but don’t worry too much. Things always workout. Life always finds a way.

6. Spend lots of time with nature.

7. Have lots of music in your life and keep on dancing!

Laughing is the best medicine!



My Avatar Feet (Meus Pés de Avatar)

At the Pounds in Kapoho.

Everyday in Hawaii,
My feet grows stronger.
My heart grows warmer.
In contact with the earth
Pele sculpts my feet over the lava
Long lean feet
Feet that one day I doubt
Feet that every day I count
Today I bless my beautiful brown feet
I bless life and I bless the fire
The fire that comes from the heart of the earth
Warm, red, and powerful
Fire of my heart
Each line on bottom of feet
Is a new possibility, a new path

Each line, is a connector,
Coordinates in a map,
Power lines Connecting my body to the spirit

My soul that flows from the earth
And fills my dream of life

Constructing my existence

from where I begin in the soil

Passing though my round body

Escaping in the crown of my head.

That’s were I end.
But thats also where new dreams begin
If my mind helps me to dream
It is my strong feet that gives me the balance
To energize the spirit
And create the reality that I want to live
Today, I bless my nature,
I bless mother nature.

The Path to Healing (O Caminhar para a Saúde)

Sarah Joy works with mom in the water!

We are approaching about 2 full weeks of my mother’s alternative therapies in Hawaii. My observations is that the path to healing is building an environment of love, happiness and positive thinking. As I talk to her about the practices to achieve inner piece and happiness by changing the way she relates to the disease and how she deals with pain and life’s adversities, I convince myself that healing is possible. She is sleeping every night and the chronicle pain has reduced by at least 50%. Mom has been doing daily meditations, eating very healthy and seeing Mr Stewart’s for healing thru self-love and joy, Jud for acupuncture practices and Sarah for Watsu.

Otherness (Qualidade de Ser Differente)

From Stewart’s tonight I heard the word “Otherness”. I felt in love with the word. I thought it meant something about feeling like the other. Them, the dictionary defined it as “the quality or fact of being different”. Them I concluded that I was not that far since what is the other? Different. I wrote this short poem a few minutes ago.

I am this one and I am the other.
I am the one and I am this other.
I am this other and I am the one.
I am this and I am the other one.
I am. And I am this other, the one.

Jobs’ Speech (O Discurso de Jobs)

I know this quote is all blogs tonight. That’s why I am blogging it. If we are going to change the planet, it will take each and every one of us to be ourselves and follow our dreams, living our lives to its potential.

Have a good journey Steve!

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Lovesong (Canção de Amor)

About four months ago I heard for the first time Adele’s version of “The Cure” beautiful song “Lovesong”. I loved the lyrics and took the lyrics as a personal lovesong to myself, in the process of self discovery and acceptance. The photograph below is my great friend and yogi Jared Sam taken in Black Sand Beach, Hawaii earlier this year. Finding serenity within, I encounter the place for self love and open myself to the possibilities of loving another human being in its totality. Mahalo to Jared for the beautiful pose!


Who is in charge of your happiness?

Mr. Stewart was discussing happiness yesterday. He asked us to write the top 10 things that makes us unhappy. Them, asked us to write who is responsible for it and what to do about it. The conclusion is that every time we blame someone else for what happens to us, we give them the responsibility for our own happiness. Letting go of expectations and focusing on our pleasure is key for our happiness.

'Man is troubled not by events,
but by the meaning he gives to them'


Goblin and I at Kristy's car, few weeks ago, fighting for our own happiness!


I . Ike . the world is what you think it is . (o mundo é o que pensamos) .

When I was 14 I first read this poem by Fernando Pessoa. It spoke deep inside of me. I adopt it as my life philosophy. Learning the principles of Huna, I am able to be a kid again. I feel once again what I felt then. And I start to build new my brand new world.

“Eu tenho uma espécie de dever, de dever de sonhar, de sonhar sempre, pois sendo mais do que um espectador de mim mesmo, Eu tenho que ter o melhor espetáculo que posso. E assim me construo a ouro e sedas, em salas supostas, invento palco, cenário para viver o meu sonho entre luzes brandas e músicas invisíveis.”

“I have some kind of duty, a duty of dream, always dream. If I ought be more than just an expectator of myself, I want to have the best spectacle possible. And that’s how I build myself in gold and silk, in supposed rooms, I invent the stage, a set, to live my dream between soft lights and invisible songs.”

My father silenced to admire “the island” while we landed!

Intentions (intenções)

As I start this new adventure with my parents to Hawaii, I stop for a minute and meditate on the intentions.

So that there is mutual learning and spiritual growth, that the healing that comes from our self understanding transcend our beings into a better world. I intend for good health, peace and tranquility for us that embark in this trip and to our relatives that stays in brazil.

So that our bond is made stronger and that with my parents we grow together into younger spirits, detached from our metal boundaries that stays in between our mind and bodies.


A free man (um homem Livre)

With my friend Glenn I was discussing my current life moment when I focus on learning what it takes to be a man. Wisely, he reflects back at me and extends the focus by doing one simple change “what it takes to be a free man!”

The photo below is part of the art installation in the sidewalk in North. With another great friend, Ishac, we searched for a good word! The “answer” reminded me the importance of freedom and reborn in our lives.


My Game (Meu Jogo)

My game is under the sun.
With our partners, we call the shots.
In the moment.
Quick decision making.
We win together.
We celebrate.
We tap our hands.
We hi5.
We scream.
We loose together.
But we still have fun.
And we coach each other.
We call our shots.
Between us and them.
A net.
No poker face.
our adversary is not an enemy.
They are also partners.
Committed to give us the best game ever.
A fair game.
A good game.
When they play well.
We cheer with them.
We want this to be good for everyone.
And thats how I play my game.
At the volleyball court and in life!